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leakverb [ I or T ]

uk /liːk/ us /liːk/

leak verb [ I or T ] (LIQUID/GAS)

B2 (of a liquid or gas) to escape from a hole or crack in a pipe or container; (of a container) to allow liquid or gas to escape

Water was leaking from the pipe. 水正從管子裡漏出來。
Oil leaked out of the car. 油從車裡漏了出來。
The car leaked oil all over the drive. 車漏了一路油。
The tin was leaking. 罐漏了。

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leak verb [ I or T ] (INFORMATION)

C2 to allow secret information to become generally known

He leaked the names to the press. 他向新聞界透露了名單。
News of the pay cuts had somehow leaked out. 降薪的消息不知怎的被洩漏了出去。

leaknoun [ C ]

uk /liːk/ us /liːk/

leak noun [ C ] (LIQUID/GAS)

B2 a hole or crack through which a liquid or gas can flow out of a container, or the liquid or gas that comes out

There's water on the floor - we must have a leak. 地板上有水——肯定是甚麽地方漏了。
If you suspect a gas leak, phone the emergency number. 如果你懷疑煤氣洩漏就打救急電話。

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leak noun [ C ] (INFORMATION)

C2 the origin of secret information that becomes known, or the act of making it known

There have been several security leaks recently. 最近發現了幾處安全性漏洞。
They traced the leak to a secretary in the finance department. 他們追查出洩密的是財務部的一位秘書。

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