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legnoun [ C ]

uk /leɡ/ us /leɡ/

leg noun [ C ] (PART)

A1 one of the parts of the body of a human or animal that is used for standing or walking

My legs were tired after so much walking. 走了這麽遠的路,我的腿有些累了。
He broke his leg skiing. 他滑雪時摔斷了腿。
The horse broke its front leg in the fall. 這匹馬摔斷了前腿。

the part of a piece of clothing that you put your leg in

He rolled up his trouser legs and waded into the water. 他捲起褲腿趟進水裡。

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leg noun [ C ] (STAGE)

a particular stage of a journey, competition, or activity

He has tickets for the first leg of the NCAA Men's Hockey Championship. 他有歐洲聯盟杯第一輪淘汰賽的門票。
The last leg of the race was Paris to London. 最後一段賽程是從巴黎到倫敦。


uk /leɡ/ us /leɡ/ UK informal
leg it

to run away in order to escape from something

They legged it round the corner when they saw the police coming. 他們一看見員警來了,就轉過街角跑了。

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