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uk /lɪft/ us /lɪft/

lift verb (RAISE)

B1 [ T ] to move something from a lower to a higher position

Could you help me lift this table, please? 你能幫我抬一下桌子嗎?
Could you lift your chair a little- I've got my coat caught under it. 你能把椅子稍微抬一下嗎——我的袋子被壓住了。
She lifted the cigarette (up) to her lips. 她把香煙舉到唇邊。
He lifted his eyes (= looked up) from the paper and glared. 他的目光從報紙上移開,抬起頭來怒目而視。

[ T ] specialized biology to dig underground vegetables or plants out of the ground

They're lifting potatoes. 他們正在挖馬鈴薯。

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lift verb (TAKE HOLD)

[ I or T, usually + adv/prep ] to take hold of and raise something in order to remove, carry, or move it to a different position

She lifted the baby out of her chair. 她把嬰兒從椅子上抱起來。
He lifted the box carefully down from the shelf. 他小心地從架子上取下那個盒子。

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lift verb (MAKE LOUD)

[ T ] literary to make your voice louder, especially when performing



[ T ] informal to make something more interesting or enjoyable

The article is informative enough, but it's a little dull - we need something to lift it. 這篇文章夠資訊性,但有些枯燥——我們需要增強它的趣味性。

lift verb (MAKE HAPPY)

lift sb's spirits informal

to make someone happier

Nothing - not even the prospect of dinner - could lift his spirits. 甚麽都提不起他的興致,甚至連吃飯也不例外。

lift verb (GO AWAY)

[ I ] (of mist or fog) to go away until none is left

The morning mist had lifted and the sun was starting to come through. 晨霧已經散去,太陽開始放出光芒。

lift verb (END)

[ T ] to end a rule or law

The restrictions on water usage have been lifted now that the river levels are normal. 河水的水位已經恢復正常,因此用水限制被取消了。
At last they've lifted the ban on jeans at the club. 最終他們取消了在俱樂部禁止穿牛仔褲的規定。

lift verb (STEAL)

[ T ] informal to steal something


[ T ] informal to use someone else's writing, music, or idea, pretending that it is your own

He'd lifted whole passages from a website. 他從一本雜誌上整段整段地剽竊文章。


uk /lɪft/ us /lɪft/


A2 [ C ] UK US elevator a device like a box that moves up and down, carrying people or goods from one floor of a building to another or taking people up and down underground in a mine

Take the lift to the sixth floor. 乘電梯到六樓。

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  • The lift isn't working.
  • We got stuck in the lift.
  • Take the lift to the top floor.
  • We went up in the lift.
  • He is scared to go in lifts.

lift noun (RAISE)

[ C or U ] an act of lifting or raising something

Give it one more lift and we'll have it at the top of the stairs. 再抬一下我們就能把它抬到樓梯頂端了。

[ U ] specialized engineering the force on the wing of a bird or aircraft that keeps it in the air as it moves forward


lift noun (JOURNEY)

A2 [ C usually singular ] a free journey in another person's vehicle, especially a car

I'll give you a lift to the train station if you like. 如果你願意,我可以載你到車站。
He hitched a lift (= stood by the road and made a signal asking a car to stop and take him) to Birmingham. 他搭便車去了伯明罕。

lift noun (MAKE HAPPY)

give sb a lift

to make someone happier

She'd been feeling low but hearing that she'd got the job gave her a lift. 她一直有些情緒低落,但一聽說她得到了那份工作心情便好了起來。

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