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uk /laɪt/ us /laɪt/

light noun (BRIGHTNESS)

B1 [ U ] the brightness that comes from the sun, fire, etc. and from electrical devices, and that allows things to be seen

a bright light 明亮的光線
fluorescent/ultraviolet light 螢光/紫外光
a beam/ray of light 一道/束光線
Light was streaming in through the open door. 光線從敞開的門口傾瀉進來。
It's a north-facing room so it doesn't get much light (= brightness from the sun). 房間朝北,所以光線有些不足。

A2 [ C ] a piece of equipment that produces light, such as a lamp or a bulb

Could you switch/turn the light on/off, please? 請把燈打開/關上好嗎?
She could see the city lights in the distance. 她能夠看到遠處城市的燈光。
As the lights went down, the audience grew quiet. 燈熄滅後,觀眾們開始安靜下來。
My front bike light isn't working. 我的自行車前燈不亮了。

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light noun (FLAME)

a light

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  • He asked me for a light.
  • She gave me a light.
  • I didn't have a light.
  • Can you give me a light?
  • I needed a light.

something that will produce a flame and cause burning, such as a match or a cigarette lighter

Have you got a light, please? 請問你有打火機嗎?
set light to sth UK

to cause something to start burning

The lamp caught fire and set light to the curtains. 燈起火了,燒著了窗簾。


uk /laɪt/ us /laɪt/

light adjective (NOT HEAVY)

A2 not weighing a lot

Here, take this bag - it's quite light. 給你,拿著這個袋子——很輕的。
He's a few pounds lighter than he used to be. 他的體重比以前輕了幾磅。
How do you get your cakes so wonderfully light, Amy? 費莉西蒂,你是怎樣把蛋糕做得這麽鬆軟的?
He has a very light (= gentle) touch, which is what is required in massage. 正如按摩所要求的那樣,他的手法很輕。
She's very light on her feet (= she moves gracefully). 她走起路來步態輕盈。

A2 Light clothes are made of thin material that allows you to be cool.

a light summer dress 涼爽的連衣裙

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light adjective (BRIGHT)

B1 lit by the natural light of the day

The big windows make the room feel wonderfully light and airy. 大窗戶使房間顯得特別明亮、通透。
It gets light very early these summer mornings. 在這樣的夏日裡天亮得很早。
Summer is coming and the evenings are getting lighter (= getting dark later). 夏天快到了,天黑得越來越晚了。

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light adjective (PALE)

A1 (of colours) pale

light blue/green 淺藍色/綠色

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light adjective (NOT SERIOUS)

entertaining and easily understood, but not serious and not intended to make you think

I want some light reading for the summer holidays - a romance or something. 暑假裡我想讀點輕鬆的東西——比如言情小說之類的。
A lively argument between the two main speakers provided some light relief (= something enjoyable or amusing) in an otherwise dull conference. 兩位主要發言者間熱烈的爭論是一種令人愉悅輕鬆的調劑。沒有這場爭論的話,會議簡直就枯燥乏味。
make light of sth

C2 to behave as if a situation, especially a problem, is not serious or important

It is easy to make light of other people's problems. 忽視他人的問題很容易。

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light adjective (NOT MUCH)

B1 not great in strength or amount

A light wind was blowing. 外面有微風。
The traffic was quite light so we got through London quickly. 路上車不多,所以我們很快就穿過了倫敦。
It's only light rain - you don't need an umbrella. 只是下了點小雨——你不必拿雨傘。
light eater/drinker/smoker

someone who eats/drinks/smokes only a little

light sleeper

someone who is easily woken up by noise, etc.


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light adjective (MEAL/DRINK)

A light meal is small and easy to digest.

I don't eat much for lunch - just a light snack. 我午飯吃得不多——只吃一點小吃。

used to describe alcoholic drinks that are not strong in flavour

It's described on the label as "light, fruity wine". 標籤上寫著「濃鬱醇香的低度葡萄酒」。

light adjective (NOT SEVERE)

needing only a very small amount of effort

light exercise, such as walking 散步之類輕微的運動
a little light housework 一點家務工作

A light sentence in prison is a short one.

He got off with a fairly light sentence because it was his first conviction. 因為是初犯,他得以輕判。
make light work of sth/doing sth

to do something quickly and easily

Heather made light work of painting the walls. 希瑟輕而易舉地刷完了牆。
You made light work of that chocolate cake (= you ate it quickly)! 你三兩下就把巧克力蛋糕吃光了,你吃得太快了!


uk /laɪt/ us /laɪt/ lit or lighted, lit or lighted

light verb (START FLAMES)

B1 [ I or T ] to start to burn or to make something start to burn

to light a fire 點火
I can't get the cooker to light. 我無法點燃煤氣爐。
He lit his fifth cigarette in half an hour. 不到半個小時,他已經開始點第五支煙了。

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light verb (MAKE BRIGHT)

B2 [ T ] to produce light that makes an object or area bright or easy to see

The stage had been lit with candles. 蠟燭照亮了舞臺。
Fireworks lit up the sky (= made the sky bright). 焰火點亮了天空。

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