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liquidnoun [ C or U ]

uk /ˈlɪk.wɪd/ us /ˈlɪk.wɪd/

B1 a substance, such as water, that is not solid or a gas and that can be poured easily

Mercury is a liquid at room temperature. 水銀在室溫下爲液體。

More examples

  • How much liquid do you think this bottle contains?
  • Drain (off) any liquid that is left in the rice.
  • The liquid suddenly solidifies into a gelatinous mass.
  • Wax passes from solid to liquid when you heat it.
  • Saliva is a liquid secreted by glands in or near the mouth.


uk /ˈlɪk.wɪd/ us /ˈlɪk.wɪd/

liquid adjective (MONEY)

in the form of money, rather than investments or property, or able to be changed into money easily

She has very few liquid assets as most of her wealth is tied up in property. 她的流動資金很少,大部分財産都投到了證券和股票上。

liquid adjective (SUBSTANCE)

in the form of a liquid

liquid hydrogen 液態氫

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