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uk /lɪst/ us /lɪst/

list noun (RECORD)

A2 [ C ] a record of short pieces of information, such as people's names, usually written or printed with a single thing on each line and often ordered in a way that makes a particular thing easy to find

a shopping list 購物單
Is your name on the list? 名單上有你的名字嗎?
I've made a list of places I'd like to visit while we're in Paris. 我把我們在巴黎期間我想去的地方列了一個單子。

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list noun (LEAN)

If a ship has a list, it leans to one side.



uk /lɪst/ us /lɪst/

list verb (MAKE RECORD)

B2 [ T ] to make a list, or to include something in a list

I've listed some useful reading material on the handout. 我在發給大家的講義上列出了一些有用的閱讀材料。

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list verb (LEAN)

[ I ] (of a ship) to lean to one side, especially as a result of damage

The tanker is listing badly and liable to sink at any moment. 油輪嚴重傾斜,隨時都可能會沈沒。

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