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uk /ˈlɪt.əl/ us /ˈlɪt̬.əl/

little adjective (SMALL)

A1 small in size or amount

It came in a little box. 它是裝在一個小盒子裡送來的。
a little dog/nose/room 小狗/鼻子/房間
A little old man came into the room. 一個小老頭走進了商店。
He gave a little smile. 他微微笑了笑。
It'll only take a little while to clear up the kitchen. 用不了多少時間就能把廚房收拾好。
a little something

a small amount of food or drink

I always like to have a little something around eleven o'clock in the morning. 我總喜歡在上午11點左右吃點東西。

a present that is not of great value

I want to buy a little something to give to Val when I visit her in hospital. 我去醫院看瓦爾的時候想給她買個小禮物。

More examples

  • The dog's name was engraved on a little metal disc attached to its collar.
  • We tried to arrange a ceremony with as little fuss as possible.
  • Hyperactive children often have poor concentration and require very little sleep.
  • Several little boats escorted the sailing ship into the harbour.
  • You turn this little knob to adjust the volume.

little adjective (YOUNG)

A1 young

When you were little your hair was really curly. 你小的時候頭髮鬈得很厲害。
She was my little (= younger) sister and I took care of her. 她是我妹妹,我負責照顧她。
Her little boy (= her young son) isn't well. 她的小兒子身體有些不適。

More examples

  • One little girl was clinging onto a cuddly toy.
  • It became clear that he wasn't developing like all the other little boys.
  • She's always fussing over that son of hers as if he were a little boy.
  • Emily is Sophie's little sister.
  • I lived here when I was little.

little adjective (EMPHASIZE)

B2 [ before noun ] used to emphasize an opinion that is being given about something or someone

That was a nice little suit she was wearing. 她穿的那身套裝真的很漂亮。
It's not a bad little restaurant, is it? 這間餐廳確實不錯,是不是?
He's a nasty little man. 他可真是個討厭的傢夥。

More examples

  • I'm not interested in all their silly little likes and dislikes.
  • You told Mrs Cooper that it was me who tipped the paint over, didn't you - you nasty little sneak!
  • I had a nice little snooze in the back of the car.
  • All you ate was a tiddly little piece of cake.
  • You little liar! You know that's not true!

little adjective (UNIMPORTANT)

B1 [ before noun ] not very important or serious

I had a little problem with my car, but it's been fixed now. 我的車有點小毛病,不過現在已經修好了。
It's often the little things that count the most. 常常是一些微不足道的東西發揮的作用最大。
Can I have a little word (= a short discussion about something not very important) with you? 我能和你聊幾句嗎?


uk /ˈlɪt.əl/ us /ˈlɪt̬.əl/

little determiner (NOT ENOUGH)

B1 not much or enough

There seems little hope of a ceasefire. 看來停火的希望很渺茫了。
They have very little money. 他們手頭錢很少。
There's so little choice. 可選擇的餘地太小了。

More examples

  • The new building has little aesthetic value.
  • There's very little communication between mother and daughter .
  • The hut afforded little protection from the elements.
  • The money was of little consequence to Tony.
  • Too little exercise is a contributory factor in heart disease.

little determiner (SMALL AMOUNT)

a little

B1 a small amount of something

This sauce needs a little salt. 這種醬汁需要加點鹽。
With a little training she could do very well. 只要稍加訓練她就能做得很好。
Can I give you a little advice? 我可以給你提一點建議嗎?

littlepronoun, noun

uk /ˈlɪt.əl/ us /ˈlɪt̬.əl/

little pronoun, noun (SMALL AMOUNT)

B1 [ S ] a small amount

I could only hear a little of what they were saying. 他們說的話我只能聽到一點。
He does as little as possible at work. 他上班時能偷懶就偷懶。
There's not much flour left but you're welcome to the/what little there is. 雖然麵粉剩得不多了,但你可以隨便拿。

More examples

  • We ate a little of the bread.
  • He gave us a little of his money.
  • I already knew a little of what he had to say.
  • She eats as little as she can.
  • You can see what little I have.

little pronoun, noun (NOT ENOUGH)

B1 an amount that is not much or not enough

We did very little on Sunday. 星期天我們做的工作很少。
Very little of what he said made any sense to me. 他說的話我幾乎一點都不明白。
Unfortunately, little of the artist's work has survived. 不幸的是,畫家的作品幾乎無一倖存。
The government has done little or nothing to help the poorest people in this country. 政府幾乎沒有採取任何措施來幫助國內最貧窮的人們。
The little we do know about the people who lived here suggests they had a very sophisticated society. 我們對那些曾經在這裡生活過的人們知之甚少,但可以確定的是他們當時的社會已經相當成熟。

More examples

  • I spent most of my money in the first week and consequently had very little to eat by the end of the holiday.
  • Very little of his art appeals to me.
  • Little of what she said seemed relevant.
  • They have done little to improve their situation.
  • We can do very little to help them.


uk /ˈlɪt.əl/ us /ˈlɪt̬.əl/

little adverb (SMALL AMOUNT)

a little (bit)

More examples

  • The ice-cream was a little bit sweet for me.
  • Could you speak a little louder, please?
  • I'm quite tired but I can certainly walk a little further.
  • She's recovering well from her operation, but she's still a little shaky on her feet.
  • Well, you could try to look a little more enthusiastic!

A2 slightly

I was a little bit worried by what she said. 她的話讓我有點擔心。
We'll wait a little longer and then I'll phone them. 我們再稍微等一等,還不來的話我會給他們打電話的。
There's only a little further to go. 再走一會兒就到了。
little by little

B2 slowly or gradually

Little by little she came to understand why he had behaved the way he did. 漸漸地,她明白了他為甚麽會那麽做。

little adverb (NOT MUCH)

C1 not much

She slept very little that night. 她晚飯吃得很少。
a little-known fact 鮮為人知的事實
Little did he know what lay in store for him. 他幾乎一點也不知道等待他的將會是甚麽。

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