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lognoun [ C ]

uk /lɒɡ/ us /lɑːɡ/

log noun [ C ] (WOOD)

C1 a thick piece of tree trunk or branch, especially one cut for burning on a fire



log noun [ C ] (RECORD)

a full written record of a journey, a period of time, or an event

the ship's log 該船的航海日誌

log noun [ C ] (NUMBER)

informal for logarithm



uk /lɒɡ/ us /lɑːɡ/ -gg-

log verb (CUT WOOD)

[ I or T ] to cut down trees so that you can use their wood

The forest has been so heavily logged that it is in danger of disappearing. 這片森林被過度砍伐,面臨消失的危險。

log verb (RECORD)

[ T ] to officially record something

The Better Business Bureau has logged more than 90 complaints. 員警瀆職投訴局已經記錄下了90多宗投訴。

[ T ] UK also log up to travel and record a particular distance


Phrasal verb(s)

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