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uk /ləʊ/ us /loʊ/

low adjective (NOT HIGH)

B1 not measuring much from the base to the top

a low fence 矮欄柵

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low adjective (LEVEL)

A2 below the usual level

Temperatures are very low for the time of year. 對於一年中的這個時候來說,現在氣溫已經很低了。
The big supermarket offers the lowest prices in town. 這家大型超級市場裡的商品價格全城最低。
These people are living on relatively low incomes. 這些人的收入水準相對比較低。
There is a tremendous need for more low-cost housing. 低成本住宅的需求量很大。
a low-fat diet 低脂飲食
low-alcohol beer 低酒精啤酒
Vegetables are generally low in (= do not contain many) calories. 通常蔬菜所含的熱量比較低。

A2 producing only a small amount of sound, heat, or light

They spoke in low voices so I would not hear what they were saying. 他們說話的聲音很低,我聽不見他們在說甚麽。
Turn the oven to a low heat. 把烤箱調到低火。
Soft music was playing and the lights were low. 樂聲輕柔,燈光昏暗。

B2 of bad quality, especially when referring to something that is not as good as it should be

low standards 低劣的水準
I have a very low opinion of him. 我對他評價不高。
She has very low self-esteem. 她有很強的自卑感。

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low adjective (NOT IMPORTANT)

C1 not considered important because of being at or near the bottom of a range of things, especially jobs or social positions

low status jobs 低級職位
a low priority task 非緊急的任務

low adjective (NOT HONEST)

not honest or fair

How low can you get? 你能墮落到甚麽程度?
That was a pretty low trick to play. 那是一種很卑鄙的伎倆。

low adjective (SOUND)

B2 (of a sound or voice) near or at the bottom of the range of sounds

He has a very low voice. 他的嗓音很低沉。
Those low notes are played by the double bass. 那些低音是由低音提琴演奏的。

low adjective (SAD)

C1 unhappy

Illness of any sort can leave you feeling low. 任何疾病都可能使人情緒低落。
He seemed in low spirits. 他情緒似乎有些低落。


uk /ləʊ/ us /loʊ/

low adverb (LEVEL)

B1 at or to a low level

low-paid workers 低收入工人
Turn the oven on low. 把烤箱調到低火。
be/get/run low (on sth)

to have nearly finished a supply of something

We're running low on milk - could you buy some more? 我們的牛奶快喝完了——你再去買一些來好嗎?
The radio batteries are running low. 收音機的電池快用完了。

lowverb [ I ]

uk /ləʊ/ us /loʊ/ literary

to make the deep, long sound of a cow



uk /ləʊ/ us /loʊ/

a bad time in someone's life

the highs and lows of an acting career 演藝生涯的起起落落
a new/record/all-time low

the lowest level

The dollar has hit an all-time low against the Japanese yen. 美元對日元匯率已經降到了最低點。

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