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uk / -li/ us / -li/

-ly suffix (ADVERB)

in the stated way

quickly 迅速地
carefully 小心地
angrily 憤怒地
loudly 大聲地

when considered in the stated way

Personally (= in my opinion), I don't think animals should be killed for their fur. 就我自己而言,我認為不應該為獲取毛皮而獵殺動物。
This is an environmentally (= in relation to the environment) disastrous proposal. 這個提案會對環境造成災難性的後果。

regularly after the stated period of time

a weekly/monthly meeting 每週/月例會

-ly suffix (ADJECTIVE)

like the stated person or thing

fatherly advice 父親般的忠告
priestly duties 教士的職責
cowardly behaviour 怯懦的行為

used for indicating one of a series of events that happen with the stated regular period of time between each

a daily shower 每天的淋浴
a weekly meeting 每週會議
a yearly check-up 年度檢查

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