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noun [ C ] uk /ˈmæk.rəʊ/ us /ˈmæk.roʊ/ plural macros specialized

a single instruction given to a computer that produces a set of instructions for the computer to perform a particular piece of work

I've created a macro to spell check all the files at the same time. 我建立了一個巨集指令,可以同時對所有檔案進行拼寫檢查。
prefix uk /mæk.rəʊ-/ us /mæk.roʊ-/

large; relating to the whole of something, rather than its parts

macroscopic (= large enough to be seen by the human eye) 肉眼可見的
macroeconomics (= the study of financial systems at a national level) 宏觀經濟學是在國家層面對金融體系的研究。
→ Compare micro-

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