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uk /mæn/ us /mæn/ plural men uk /men/ us

man noun (MALE)

A1 [ C ] an adult male human being

a young/tall man 年輕/高個子的男子
men and women 男人和女人
the man in the green jacket 穿綠夾克的男子
the men's champion in the 400 metres 男子400米賽跑冠軍
Steve can solve anything - the man's a genius. 史蒂夫甚麼疑難都解決得到——此人是個天才。

[ C ] a male employee

The gas company said they would send some men to fix the leak. 煤氣公司說會派人來修暖氣。
The man from the newspaper wrote some positive things about the movie. 英國廣播公司的人對影片作了正面的評價。
Our man in Washington sent us the news by fax yesterday. 我們駐華盛頓的同事昨天把這個消息傳真過來。
a marketing, advertising, etc. man

a man typical of or involved in marketing, advertising, etc.


[ C ] informal a husband or male sexual partner

I hear she's got a new man. 我聽說她找了個新男朋友。
Is there a man in her life? 她有男人嗎?

mainly US informal used when talking to someone, especially a man

Hey, man, how are you doing? 嘿,老兄,你好嗎?
man and wife old-fashioned

If a man and a woman are man and wife, they are married to each other.

the man [ S ] US slang

a person or group that has power or authority, for example the police


More examples

man noun (PEOPLE)

B2 [ U ] the human race

Man is still far more intelligent than the smartest robot. 人類仍遠比最有智慧的機器人聰明。
Man is rapidly destroying the earth. 人類正迅速毀滅地球。
This is one of the most dangerous substances known to man. 這是人類已知的最危險的物質之一。
Try to imagine what life must have been like for Neolithic man 10,000 years ago. 想像一下一萬年前新石器時代的人的生活是甚麼樣子。

[ C ] literary or old-fashioned a person of either sex

All men are equal in the sight of the law. 法律面前人人平等。

man noun (OBJECT)

[ C ] any of the objects that are moved or played with in games such as chess


manverb [ T ]

uk /mæn/ us /mæn/ -nn-

To man something such as a machine or vehicle is to be present in order to operate it.

The phones are manned 24 hours a day. 電話每天24小時都有人值班。
Barricades were erected against the advancing government troops and they were manned throughout the night. 設置了路障以阻擋政府軍的前進,並且整夜有人看守。
Man the pumps! 派人看著抽水機!
Note: Many people find this use sexist and prefer to use other verbs such as 'operate' or 'staff'.


uk /mæn/ us /mæn/ informal

used to express a strong emotion

Man, we had a good time - we drank all through the night! 嘿,我們昨晚真是盡興,喝了一夜的酒!


uk / -mæn/ /-mən/ us / -mæn/ /-mən/

having the nationality or job mentioned, or (of a group or vehicle) containing the number of people mentioned

an Irishman 愛爾蘭人
a policeman 員警
businessmen 商人
a five-man team 五人小組
a two-man helicopter 雙人直升機

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