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uk /ˈmæn.təl/ us /ˈmæn.t̬əl/

mantle noun (RESPONSIBILITY)

[ S ] formal the responsibilities of an important position or job, especially as given from the person who had the job to the person who replaces them

She unsuccessfully attempted to assume the mantle of the presidency. 她想接任總統,但未成功。
He has been asked to take on the mantle of managing director in the New York office. 他獲邀請出任紐約辦事處總經理一職。

mantle noun (LAYER)

[ C ] literary a layer of something that covers a surface

A thick mantle of snow lay on the ground. 地上積著一層厚厚的雪。
We watched the building vanish under a mantle of thick smoke as the fire swiftly moved through it. 大火在樓內迅速蔓延,我們看到大樓被灰色的濃煙吞噬。

[ C ] specialized geology the part of the earth that surrounds the central core


[ C ] in the past, a piece of clothing without sleeves that was worn over other clothes


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