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noun [ C ] (BUYING AND SELLING) 買和賣 uk us /ˈmɑː.kɪt/ US  /ˈmɑːr-/

the people who might want to buy something, or a part of the world where something is sold

Are you sure there's a market for the product? 你肯定這種產品有市場嗎?
We estimate the potential market for the new phones to be around one million people in this country alone. 我們估計,僅在這個國家新型電話的潛在市場就有100萬人左右。
The domestic market is still depressed, but demand abroad is picking up. 國內市場仍然低迷,但國外需求正逐步上升。
They've increased their share of the market by 10% over the past year. 過去一年他們的市場佔有率增加了10%。

the business or trade in a particular product, including financial products

the coffee market 咖啡市場
the economic market 經濟市場
the commodities market 商品市場
the stock market 股票市場
the job market 就業市場
the housing market 房地產市場
in the market for sth

interested in buying something

Thanks for the offer, but I'm not in the market for another car at the moment. 謝謝你提供的優惠,但目前我無意再買一輛汽車。
on the market

available for sale

We put our house on the market as soon as house prices started to rise. 房價一漲,我們就賣房子。
This is one of the best televisions on the market. 這是市場上最好的電視機之一。
The pictures would sell for half a million on the open market (= if offered for sale without a fixed price). 這些畫在公開市場上可賣到50萬。

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