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uk /miːn/ us /miːn/ meant, meant

mean verb (EXPRESS)

A2 [ T ] to express or represent something such as an idea, thought, or fact

What does this word mean? 這個詞是甚麼意思?
[ + that ] These figures mean that almost six percent of the working population is unemployed. 這些數字意味著近6%的勞動人口處於失業狀態。
What do you mean by that remark? 你那句話是甚麼意思?
She's kind of strange though. Do you know what I mean? 可是她有點怪。你明白我指甚麼嗎?
"They all showed up." "You mean the entire family?"

[ T ] used to add emphasis to what you are saying

I want you home by midnight. And I mean midnight. 我要你午夜前回家,記住是午夜。
Give it back now! I mean it. 現在就把它還了!我是說真的。

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mean verb (HAVE RESULT)

B1 [ T ] to have a particular result

Lower costs mean lower prices. 成本降低,價格就會下降。
[ + that ] Advances in electronics mean that the technology is already available. 電子學方面的進步使這項技術已經可供人們利用。
[ + -ing verb ] If we want to catch the 7.30 train, that will mean leaving the house at 6.00. 如果想趕上7:30的火車,那就意味著我們要6:00從家中出發。

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mean verb (INTEND)

B1 [ I or T ] to intend

I'm sorry if I offended you - I didn't mean any harm. 如果冒犯了你我很抱歉——我並無惡意。
The books with large print are meant for partially sighted readers. 這些大號字體書籍是為視力有障礙的讀者而設的。
[ + to infinitive ] I've been meaning to call you all week. 我整個星期都想著要打電話給你。
Do you think she meant to say 9 a.m. instead of 9 p.m.? 你認為她是想說上午9點而不是晚上9點嗎?
They didn't mean for her to read the letter. 他們並不想讓她讀那封信。
be meant to do sth

to be intended to

These batteries are meant to last for a year. 這些電池應該能用一年。
This exercise isn't meant to be difficult. 這個練習不會很難。
We were meant to have gone away this week, but Debbie's ill so we couldn't go. 這周我們本該要走,但是戴比病了,所以我們走不了。
You are meant to rub the medicine on the affected area, not swallow it.

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  • I didn't mean to be rude - it just came out like that.
  • He doesn't really mean it - he's just being contrary.
  • He's always making flattering remarks, but he doesn't really mean them.
  • I didn't mean to upset her - it was just a bit of fun.
  • He didn't mean it - he said it in the heat of the moment.


B1 [ T ] to have an important emotional effect on someone

It wasn't a valuable picture but it meant a lot to me. 這不是一幅很貴重的畫,但對我卻很重要。
Possessions mean nothing to him. 財富對他來說毫無意義。

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  • Her children mean all the world to her.
  • Gerald means nothing to me now.
  • Her career means everything to her.
  • Nothing means more to me than my children's happiness.
  • Her approval meant a lot to me.


uk /miːn/ us /miːn/

mean adjective (NOT GENEROUS)

B2 mainly UK not willing to give or share things, especially money

He's too mean to buy her a ring. 他太吝嗇了,捨不得買一枚戒指給她。
My landlord's very mean with the heating - it's only on for two hours each day. 我的房東對使用暖氣很吝嗇——每天只開兩個小時。

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mean adjective (NOT KIND)

B2 unkind or unpleasant

Stop being so mean to me! 別對我那麼刻薄!
She just said it to be mean. 她那麼說就是為了讓人不悅。

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mean adjective (VIOLENT)

mainly US frightening and likely to become violent

a mean and angry mob 一群氣勢洶洶、激動憤怒的暴民
a mean-looking youth 一個面相很兇的年輕人

mean adjective (GOOD)

[ before noun ] informal very good

She's a mean piano player. 她是個出色的鋼琴演奏家。
She plays a mean piano (= she plays very well). 她鋼琴彈得很棒。

mean adjective (MATHEMATICS)

C2 [ before noun ] specialized mathematics a mean number is an average number

a mean value 平均值
Their mean weight was 76.4 kilos. 他們的平均體重是76.4公斤。

meannoun [ S ]

uk /miːn/ us /miːn/

mean noun [ S ] (MATHEMATICS)

specialized also the arithmetic mean mathematics the result you get by adding two or more amounts together and dividing the total by the number of amounts

The mean of 5, 4, 10, and 15 is 8.5. 5,4,10和15的平均數是8.5。

mean noun [ S ] (METHOD)

formal a quality or way of doing something that is in the middle of two completely different qualities or ways of doing something

We need to find a mean between test questions that are too difficult and those that are too easy. 我們需要出難度適中的考題。

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