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uk /ˈmes.i/ us /ˈmes.i/

messy adjective (DIRTY/UNTIDY)

B1 untidy

a messy kitchen 淩亂的廚房
messy hands/hair 髒手/淩亂的頭髮
His bedroom's always messy. 他的臥室總是淩亂不堪。

producing or causing dirt and untidiness

Eating spaghetti can be a messy business. 吃義大利麵有時會把周圍弄得髒兮兮。
Vicky is a really good cook but she's messy. 維琪的廚藝真的很不錯,不過她把東西弄得亂糟糟的。

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messy adjective (SITUATION)

used to describe a situation that is confused and unpleasant

A war will be a long and messy business. 戰爭將是一件曠日費時而又令人討厭的事。
They had a bitter, messy divorce. 他們的離婚過程痛苦而曲折。

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