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verb [ T ] uk us /ˈmaɪ.krəʊˌmæn.ɪdʒ/ US  /-kroʊˌ-/ often disapproving

to control every part of a situation, even small details

The senator was criticized for micromanaging his presidential campaign. 這名參議員被指責控制其總統競選活動的細節。
micromanagement uk us /ˈmaɪ.krəʊˌmæn.ɪdʒ.mənt/ US  /-kroʊˌ-/ noun [ U ]
micromanager /ˈmaɪ.krəʊˌmæn.ɪdʒ.ər/ US  /-kroʊˌmæn.ɪdʒ.ɚ/ noun [ C ]

(Translation of “micromanage” from the Cambridge English-Chinese (Traditional) Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

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