Translation of "might" - English-Traditional Chinese dictionary


modal verb (POSSIBILITY) 可能性 uk us /maɪt/

used to express the possibility that something will happen or be done, or that something is true although not very likely

I might come and visit you in America next year, if I can save enough money. 如果我存夠錢的話,明年我也許會到美國看你。
Don't go any closer - it might be dangerous/it mightn't be safe. 別再走近了——那可能很危險/不安全。
Driving so fast, he might have had a nasty accident (= it could have happened but it did not). 他開車開得那麼快,早就可能出意外。
The rain might have stopped by now. 現在雨也許已經停了。

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