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uk /maɪld/ us /maɪld/

mild adjective (SLIGHT)

C1 not violent, severe, or extreme

She can't accept even mild criticism of her work. 即使別人對她的作品略有微詞,她也不能接受。
He has suffered a mild heart attack - nothing too serious. 他只是輕微的心臟病發作,並不太嚴重。

More examples

  • Do you prefer mild or mature cheddar?
  • He's been a bit dizzy and confused since the accident. Do you think it's mild concussion?
  • This cream contains a mild analgesic to soothe stings and bites.
  • 'Idiot!' is a mild term of abuse .
  • Caffeine, which is found in coffee and tea, is a mild stimulant.

mild adjective (WEATHER)

B1 Mild weather is not very cold or not as cold as usual.

We've had a mild winter this year. 我們今年過了個暖冬。

mild adjective (FOOD)

B2 used to describe food or a food flavour that is not very strong

He doesn't like a hot curry - he prefers a mild one. 他不喜歡辛辣的咖喱飯,而較喜歡味淡一點的。
a mild chilli sauce 微辣的辣椒醬

mild adjective (GENTLE)

gentle and calm

a shy, mild sort of guy 害羞、溫和的人

mildnoun [ U ]

uk /maɪld/ us /maɪld/

a dark beer that does not have a very strong or bitter taste


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