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mileagenoun [ U ]

uk /ˈmaɪ.lɪdʒ/ us /ˈmaɪ.lɪdʒ/

mileage noun [ U ] (DISTANCE TRAVELLED)

the distance that a vehicle has travelled or the distance that it can travel using a particular amount of fuel

"What's the mileage on your car?" "Oh, about 40,000." 「你的車跑了多少英里了?」「哦,大約四萬了。」
Smaller cars have better mileage and so cost less to run. 汽車越小,同等油耗下跑的里程就越遠,因此使用成本也越低。

mileage noun [ U ] (MONEY FOR TRAVEL)

also mileage allowance the amount of money that you are paid or that you must pay for each mile you travel

The car costs £70 a day to rent, but you get unlimited mileage (= no charge for the miles travelled). 租一輛汽車每天的費用是30英鎊,但不限里程數。

mileage noun [ U ] (ADVANTAGE)

informal the advantage that you can get from a situation

There's no mileage in complaining to the director - she'll just ignore you. 向主任投訴沒有用——她根本不會理你。
political mileage 政治利益

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