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uk /mɪks/ us /mɪks/

mix verb (COMBINE)

A2 [ I or T ] to (cause different substances to) combine, so that the result cannot easily be separated into its parts

Oil and water don't mix. Even if you shake them together they separate into two layers. 油與水不相融。即使你將其混在一起搖晃,它們也會分為兩層。
Radioactive material was mixed in/up (with) the effluent. 放射性物質被混入廢水中。
Mix the eggs into the flour. 在麵粉裡加入雞蛋混和。
In a large bowl, mix together the sugar and raisins. 用一個大碗,將麵粉、糖和葡萄乾混合在一起。
[ + two objects ] Shall I mix (= make) you a cocktail? 我幫你調一杯雞尾酒好嗎?

B1 [ T ] to have or do two or more things, such as activities or qualities, at the same time

Some people are happy to mix business with/and pleasure, but I'm not one of them. 有些人喜歡寓工作於娛樂,但我不是那種人。

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mix verb (BE WITH PEOPLE)

B2 [ I ] to be with or communicate well with other people

Do you mix with a wide variety of people in your job? 我猜你工作時與各種各樣的人打交道。
She mixes very well - I guess that's why she's so popular. 她很會和人打交道,可能這就是她如此受歡迎的原因。

mix verb (RECORD MUSIC)

[ T ] specialized music, media to control the amounts of various sounds that are combined on a recording



uk /mɪks/ us /mɪks/

mix noun (COMBINE)

B1 [ C usually singular ] a combination

There was an odd mix of people at Patrick's party. 派翠克的派對上有形形色色的人。
"She's studying physics and philosophy." "That's an interesting mix." 「她在學習物理和哲學。」「這個組合很有趣。」

[ C or U ] something that is sold in the form of a powder to which a liquid, such as water, can be added later

cake/cement mix 蛋糕粉/水泥配料

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mix noun (RECORD MUSIC)

[ C ] a version of a recorded piece of music

A new mix of their hit single is due to be released early next month. 他們熱門單曲的新混音版唱片定於下月初發行。

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