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mobnoun [ + sing/pl verb ]

uk /mɒb/ us /mɑːb/

[ C ] usually disapproving a large, angry crowd, especially one that could easily become violent

The angry mob outside the jail was/were ready to riot. 監獄外憤怒的暴民準備鬧事。
a lynch mob 行私刑的暴民
50 people were killed in three days of mob violence. 三天的暴亂中有50人喪生。

[ C ] informal a group of people who are friends or who are similar in some way

The usual mob was/were hanging out at the bar. 酒吧裡閒混的還是往常那夥人。

[ S ] informal an organization of criminals

a New York mob leader 紐約犯罪集團的頭目
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mobverb [ T ]

uk /mɒb/ us /mɑːb/ -bb-

[ T usually passive ] to come together around someone in a crowd to express admiration, interest, or anger

They were mobbed by fans when they arrived at the theatre. 他們到達劇院時,被影迷團團圍住。
Let's not go to that bar tonight - it's always mobbed (= there are always a lot of people there) on Fridays. 我們今晚不要去老城了——那裡星期五總是有許多人。

[ I or T ] When birds or small animals mob a bigger or more frightening bird or animal that is hunting them, they attack it together and force it to go away.


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