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uk /ˈməʊ.baɪl/ us /ˈmoʊ.bəl/

mobile adjective (MOVING)

[ not usually before noun ] moving or walking around freely

You've broken your ankle but you'll be fully mobile within a couple of months. 你摔斷了腳踝,但用不了幾個月你就可以行動自如了。
It's important to keep the joint mobile while it heals.

More examples

mobilenoun [ C ]

uk /ˈməʊ.baɪl/ us /ˈmoʊ.bəl/

mobile noun [ C ] (PHONE)

A1 mainly UK US usually cell phone a mobile phone


a mobile number

My mobile's 07796 10253. 我的手機號碼是07796 10253。

mobile noun [ C ] (DECORATION)

a decoration or work of art that has many parts that move freely in the air, for example hanging from threads


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