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uk /muːv/ us /muːv/


A2 [ I or T ] to (cause to) change position

I'm so cold I can't move my fingers. 我太冷了,手指都動不了了。
Will you help me move this table to the back room? 你能幫我把這張桌子搬到後面的房間裡嗎?
Can we move (= change the time of) the meeting from 2 p.m. to 3.30 p.m. ? 我們能將會議時間由下午兩點改到三點半嗎?
Don't move! Stay right where you are. 別動!就呆在那裡。
I thought I could hear someone moving about/around upstairs. 我好像聽到樓上有人走動。
If you move along/over/up (= go further to the side, back, or front) a little, Tess can sit next to me. 如果你往旁邊/往後/往前挪一點,特絲就能坐在我旁邊了。
Police officers at the scene of the accident were asking people to move along/on (= to go to a different place). 意外現場的警官要求路人走開。
Come on, it's time we were moving (= time for us to leave). 快點,我們該走了。
Let's stay here tonight, then move on (= continue our journey) tomorrow morning. 我們今晚留在這裡吧,明早再繼續趕路。

[ I or T ] to change the position of one of the pieces used in a board game

In chess, the pieces can only move in certain directions. 下棋必須按棋規所定的方向走子。

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move verb (CHANGE PLACE)

B1 [ I ] to go to a different place to live or work

We're moving to Paris. 我們要搬到巴黎去了。
They've bought a new house, but it will need a lot of work before they can move into it/move in. 他們買了個新房子,但搬進去之前還有許多工作要做。
I hear Paula has moved in with her boyfriend (= gone to live in his house). 我聽說寶拉搬到她男朋友家去了。
The couple next door moved away (= went to live somewhere else) last year. 隔壁的那對夫妻去年搬走了。
A lot of businesses are moving out of London because it's too expensive. 許多企業因為負擔不起高昂的費用而遷出了倫敦。
move house B1 UK

to leave your home in order to live in a new one

We're moving house next week. 我們下周搬家。

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move verb (PROGRESS)

[ I or T ] to (cause to) progress, change, or happen in a particular way or direction

The judge's decision will allow the case to move forward. 法官的決定將使訴訟得以繼續進行。
If you want to move ahead in your career, you'll have to work harder. 如果你想在事業上有所發展,就必須更努力地工作。
Share prices moved up/down slowly yesterday. 昨天股價緩慢上漲/下跌。
Sophie has been moved up/down a grade at school. 索菲在學校裡跳/被降了一級。
It's time this company moved into (= started to take advantage of the benefits of) the digital age. 這家公司該實行電腦化了。

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move verb (CAUSE)

[ T ] to cause someone to take action

[ + obj + to infinitive ] formal I can't imagine what could have moved him to say such a thing. 我想像不出到底是甚麼促使他說了這樣的話。

move verb (CHANGE OPINION)

[ I or T ] to (cause to) change an opinion or the way in which you live or work

He's made up his mind, and nothing you can say will move him on the issue. 他主意已決,你說甚麼也不能改變他對這件事的看法。
More and more people are movingaway from/towards vegetarianism. 越來越多的人不再奉行素食主義/正成為素食主義者。

move verb (FEELINGS)

B2 [ T ] to cause someone to have strong feelings, such as sadness, sympathy, happiness, or admiration

She said that she was deeply moved by all the letters of sympathy she had received. 她說她為收到的所有慰問信所深深打動。
It was such a sad film that it moved him to tears (= made him cry). 這部電影十分傷感,令他落淚。

move verb (SELL)

[ I or T ] informal to sell

No one wants to buy these toys - we just can't move them. 沒有人想買這些玩具——根本就賣不出去。
This new shampoo is moving really fast. 這種新洗髮水十分暢銷。

move verb (BE WITH PEOPLE)

[ I + adv/prep ] to spend time with people

She moves in/among a very small circle of people. 她的社交圈子很小。

move verb (SUGGEST)

[ I or T ] specialized politics, law to suggest something, especially formally at a meeting or in a law court

A vote was just about to be taken when someone stood up and said that they wished to move an amendment. 正要開始表決時,有人站起來說,他們想提出修正案。
[ + that ] I move that the proposal be accepted. 我提議接受這項建議。
Your Honour, we wish to move for dismissal of the charges. 尊敬的法官大人,我們請求駁回這些指控。

move verb (PASS)

[ I or T ] polite word (used especially by doctors and nurses) to pass the contents of the bowels out of the body

The doctor asked him if he'd moved his bowels that day. 醫生問他那天是否排過便。


uk /muːv/ us /muːv/


C2 [ S ] an act of moving

She held the gun to his head and said, "One move and you're dead!" 她把槍口緊貼在他的頭上,說:「敢動一下你就沒命。」
I hate the way my boss watches my every move (= watches everything I do). 我討厭老闆總是監視我的一舉一動。

[ C ] in some board games, a change of the position of one of the pieces used to play the game, or a change of position that is allowed by the rules, or a player's turn to move their piece

It takes a long time to learn all the moves in chess. 要學會棋子的各種走法需要花很長時間。
It's your move. 該你走了。

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move noun (CHANGE OF PLACE)

C1 [ C ] an occasion when you go to live or work in a different place

We've had four moves in three years. 我們三年間搬了四次家。

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move noun (ACTION)

C1 [ C ] an action taken to achieve something

Buying those shares was a good move. 買那些股票是明智之舉。
This move towards improving childcare facilities has been widely welcomed. 這項改善照顧兒童設施的措施受到廣泛歡迎。
[ + to infinitive ] The city council is making a move to improve traffic flow in the city. 市議會正採取措施,禁止車輛在該市的某些區域行駛。
make the first move

to be the first to take action

Neither side seems prepared to make the first move towards reaching a peace agreement. 雙方似乎都不願為達成和平協議而率先邁出一步。

informal to start a romantic or sexual relationship with someone

She's liked him for a long time, but doesn't want to make the first move. 她喜歡他很久了,但不想主動追求他。

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