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uk /ˈnær.əʊ/ us /ˈner.oʊ/

narrow adjective (SMALL WIDTH)

B1 having a small distance from one side to the other, especially in comparison with the length

a narrow bridge/passage/gap 狹窄的橋樑/通道/縫隙
a narrow face 瘦長的臉
narrow feet 瘦腳
The little village has very narrow streets. 小村子裡的街道很窄。

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narrow adjective (LIMITED)

C2 mainly disapproving limited to a small area of interest, activity, or thought

They are unable to see beyond the narrow world of the theatre. 他們看不到狹小的戲劇界以外的天地。
It was regarded as a very narrow interpretation of the law. 這被認為是對法律非常狹隘的詮釋。
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narrow adjective (ONLY JUST)

A narrow result is one that could easily have been different because the amount by which someone failed or succeeded was very small.

The election was won by the very narrow margin of only 185 votes. 僅以185票的微弱優勢贏取選舉。
The opposition had a narrow defeat. 反對派險些勝出。
We won a narrow victory. 我們險勝。
a narrow escape

C2 a situation in which you avoid danger although you very nearly do not

We got out in time but it was a narrow escape. 我們險些未能及時逃脫。



uk /ˈnær.əʊ/ us /ˈner.oʊ/

narrow verb (LESS WIDE)

C1 [ I or T ] to become less wide or to make something less wide

The road narrows after the bridge. 過橋之後道路變窄了。
He narrowed his eyes in suspicion. 他猜疑地瞇起眼睛。
They have narrowed the focus of the investigation, to concentrate on younger adults. 他們把調查的重點範圍縮小,集中在年輕人身上。
figurative We must strive to narrow the gap between rich and poor. 我們必須努力縮小貧富差距。

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