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uk /niːd/ us /niːd/

need verb (MUST HAVE)

A1 [ T ] to have to have something, or to want something very much

Babies need constant care. 嬰兒時刻都需要人照顧。
The doctor said I needed an operation. 醫生說我需要動手術。
[ + to infinitive ] I need to go to the toilet. 我要去一去洗手間。
Most people need to feel loved. 大多數人都需要有被愛的感覺。
[ + obj + to infinitive ] I need you to help me choose an outfit. 我需要你幫我選一套衣服。
I badly need (= strongly want) a rest from all this. 我迫切需要拋開這一切,休息一下。
informal I don't need all this hassle. 我不想這樣爭論不休。

B1 [ T ] If you say that someone or something needs something else, you mean that they should have it, or would get an advantage from having it.

What you need is a nice hot bowl of soup. 兒子,你該好好喝上一碗鮮美的熱湯。
[ + -ing verb ] This room needs cleaning. 這房間應該更亮一點。
[ + past participle ] She needs her hair washed. 她該洗洗頭。

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need verb (MUST DO)

A1 [ + to infinitive or + infinitive without to ] to have (to)

[ + to infinitive ] He needs to lose some weight. 他必須稍微減輕體重。
I need to do some shopping on my way home from work. 我下班回家的路上要買些東西。
There needs to be more effort from everyone.
[ + infinitive without to ] I don't think we need ask him. 我覺得我們沒必要問他。
Nothing need be done about this till next week. 下周之前在這方面不必做甚麼。
formal "Need we take your mother?" "No, we needn't." 「我們要帶你媽媽一塊去嗎?」「不,不必/我想不必。」
sb/sth needn't do sth UK

A2 there is no reason for someone or something to do a particular thing

You needn't worry - I'm not going to mention it to anyone. 你不用擔心——我不會向任何人提起這件事。
It's a wonderful way of getting to see Italy, and it needn't cost very much. 這是遊歷義大利的好辦法,也不需要花很多錢。
sb needn't do sth UK

used, often when you are angry with someone, to say that they should not do a particular thing or that they have no right to do it

(常用於表示氣憤) (某人)不該或(無權)做
He needn't think I'm driving him all the way there! 他別指望我會開車把他一路送到那裡!
You needn't laugh! It'll be your turn next! 你別笑!下一個就輪到你!
sb didn't need to

used to say either that someone did a particular thing although they did not have to, or that someone did not do it because they did not have to

I gave her some extra money - I know I didn't need to but I thought it would be kind. 我多給了她一些錢——我知道沒有必要,但我想表示善意。
"Did you ask Sophia to help?" "I didn't need to - I managed perfectly well on my own." 「你請蘇菲亞幫忙了嗎?」「沒必要——我自己處理得非常好。」
sb needn't have done sth UK

it was not necessary for someone to have done a particular thing, although they did do it

You needn't have washed all those dishes, you know - I'd have done them myself when I got home. 你本來不用洗那些碗碟的,你知道——我回家後自己會洗的。
You needn't have worried about the dinner - it was delicious! 你原本不必為這頓飯擔心的——味道好極了!

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uk /niːd/ us /niːd/

B2 [ S or U ] the state of having to have something that you do not have, especially something that you must have so that you can have a satisfactory life

Are you in need of help? 你需要幫助嗎?
There's a growing need for cheap housing in the larger cities. 大城市對廉價住房的需求正不斷增長。
needs B2 [ plural ]

the things that a person must have in order to have a satisfactory life

Housing and education are basic needs. 住房、足夠的生活費用和教育都是基本需求。
They don't have enough food to meet their needs. 他們沒有充足的食物滿足需要。

B2 [ C or U ] a feeling or state of strongly wanting something

[ + to infinitive ] He seems to have a desperate need to be loved by everyone. 他似乎非常渴望得到每個人的喜愛。
I don't know about you but I'm in need of a drink. 我不知道你怎麼樣,但我想喝杯東西。
formal We have no need of your sympathy. 我們不需要你的同情。
in need

not having enough money or food

You just hope that the money goes to those who are most in need. 你只是希望那些錢會交到最有需要的人手裡。

[ U ] the state of being necessary

Help yourself to stationery as the need arises. 需要文具的話,你隨便用。
If need/needs be (= if necessary), we can take a second car to fit everyone in. 如果需要的話,我們可以再叫輛車,讓大家都坐上去。
I don't think there's any need for all of us to attend the meeting. 我認為我們沒有必要全體出席會議。
be no need to do sth

B2 If there is no need to do something, it is not necessary or it is wrong.

There's no need to buy more food - there's plenty in the fridge. 沒有必要去商店——冰箱裡有很多食物。
I understand why she was angry, but there was no need to be so nasty to him. 我明白她為何生氣,但也沒必要對他這麼粗暴無禮。
There's no need to yell! Just calm down. 天啊,別吵了!安靜點。

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