Translation of "need" - English-Traditional Chinese dictionary


verb [ T ] (MUST HAVE) 必須有 uk us /niːd/

to have to have something, or to want something very much

Babies need constant care. 嬰兒時刻都需要人照顧。
The doctor said I needed an operation. 醫生說我需要動手術。
[ + to infinitive ] I need to go to the toilet. 我要去一去洗手間。
Most people need to feel loved. 大多數人都需要有被愛的感覺。
[ + obj + to infinitive ] I need you to help me choose an outfit. 我需要你幫我選一套衣服。
I badly need (= strongly want) a rest from all this. 我迫切需要拋開這一切,休息一下。
informal I don't need all this hassle. 我不想這樣爭論不休。

If you say that someone or something needs something else, you mean that they should have it, or would get an advantage from having it

What you need, my son, is a nice hot bowl of soup. 兒子,你該好好喝上一碗鮮美的熱湯。
[ + -ing verb ] This room needs brightening up a bit. 這房間應該更亮一點。
[ + past participle or + -ing verb ] She needs her hair washed/UK washing. 她該洗洗頭。

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