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uk /nɜːv/ us /nɝːv/

nerve noun (BODY)

C2 [ C ] a group of long, thin fibres (= structures like threads) that carry information or instructions between the brain and other parts of the body

the optic nerve 視神經
a spinal nerve 脊神經
nerve damage 神經損傷
nerve fibres 神經纖維

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nerve noun (COURAGE)

C2 [ U ] the courage or confidence necessary to do something difficult, unpleasant, or rude

It takes a lot of nerve to be a bomb disposal expert. 當拆彈專家需要極大勇氣。
I wanted to ask her out, but I lost my nerve and couldn't go through with it. 我曾想約她出來,但我失去了勇氣,說不出口。
[ + to infinitive ] I didn't have the nerve to tell him what I really thought of his suggestion. 我沒膽量告訴他我對他的建議的真實看法。

nerve noun (WORRY)

nerves [ plural ]

B2 worry or anxiety about something that is going to happen

I never suffer from nerves when I'm speaking in public. 我當眾講話從不緊張。
She was a bundle of nerves (= very nervous) before the audition. 她試演之前非常緊張。
I always have a cigarette to calm/steady my nerves (= make me less nervous) before I go on stage. 我在上臺前總會抽支煙來穩定自己的情緒。
get on sb's nerves

B2 to annoy someone a lot

We really got on each other's nerves when we were living together. 我們住在一起時確實鬧得不可開交。
Please stop making that noise! It really gets on my nerves. 請不要再發出那種噪聲了!它吵得我很心煩。

nerve noun (RUDENESS)

C2 [ S or U ] the rudeness to do something that you know will upset other people

[ + to infinitive ] She's late for work every day, but she still has the nerve to lecture me about punctuality. 她天天遲到,居然還有臉教訓我要準時。
That man has some nerve! He's always blaming me for things that are his fault. 那人真是無恥!有些事明明是他的過錯,他卻總來責備我。
UK also That man has such a nerve!
She drove the car into a tree and then told me it was my fault for not concentrating, of all the nerve! 她開車撞到樹,卻怪我精神不集中,真虧她說得出來!


uk /nɜːv/ us /nɝːv/
nerve yourself UK

to make yourself brave enough to do something

[ + to infinitive ] It took her several months before she eventually nerved herself (up) to invite him to her house. 她過了好幾個月才終於鼓足勇氣邀請他去自己家。

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