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nextadjective, pronoun

uk /nekst/ us /nekst/

A1 being the first one after the present one or after the one just mentioned

Who works in the office next to yours? 誰在你隔壁的辦公室工作?
Take the next street on the right. 在下一個路口右轉。
Who do you think will be the next president? 你認為誰會出任下屆總統?
Nothing really changes around here. One day is pretty much like the next. 這裡並沒有甚麼實質變化,天天差不多都是一樣。
(The) next time you want to borrow something, please ask me first. 下次你想借東西的話,請先問問我。
I'm so busy it's hard to remember what I'm supposed to be doing from one minute to the next. 我忙得經常記不清下一步該做甚麼。
She's away for the next few days. 她未來數天休假。
You'll have to wait until your next birthday for a new bike. 你要等到下一個生日才會收到新腳踏車。
Can we arrange a meeting for the week after next? 我們安排兩星期後開會,可以嗎?
What do you think you'll be doing this time next year? 你認為明年這個時候自己會在做甚麼?
We had a big argument, but he called me the next day (= the day after) to apologize. 我們在飯店裡發生了激烈的爭吵,不過第二天他就打電話向我道歉了。
Excuse me, it's my turn - I was next. 對不起,輪到我了——我是下一個。

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uk /nekst/ us /nekst/

A2 immediately after

So what happened next? 那後來怎麼樣了?
What would you like next? 你還喜歡甚麼?
First, fry the garlic. Next, add the ginger. 先炒一下大蒜,再加生薑。

B1 The time when you next do something is the first time you do it again

[ + -ing verb ] When are you next going to Toronto? 你下次甚麼時候去倫敦?
next to

A2 used when describing two people or things that are very close to each other with nothing between them

Can I sit next to the window? 我可以靠窗坐嗎?
There was a really strange man standing next to me at the train station. 在車站有一個很古怪的男人站在我旁邊。

used to mean `after' when making a choice or a comparison

Cheese is my favourite food and, next to that, chocolate. (= Cheese is the only food that I like more than chocolate.) 我得說起司是我最喜歡的食品,其次是巧克力。


They pay me next to nothing (= very little) but I really enjoy the work. 他們沒付給我多少錢,但我實在喜歡那工作。
It's next to impossible (= extremely difficult) to find somewhere cheap to live around here. 要在市中心找到廉價的住處極其困難。
We got home in next to no time (= very little time). 我們很快就到家了。
next up

next in order to appear or happen, often in some form of entertainment

Next up is the latest news from the presidential campaign . 頻道4接下來要播放的是一部以芝加哥為背景的新醫務劇的第一集。

More examples

  • What shall we do next?
  • Next, we had some dancing.
  • Hanggliding? Whatever will he do next?
  • You've already made your first million dollars. What do you plan to do next?
  • I was curious to know what would happen next.

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