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uk /nɪk/ us /nɪk/

nick noun (CUT)

[ C ] a small cut in a surface or an edge

Apart from a few nicks in the varnish, the guitar is in very good condition. 除了漆面上有幾道劃痕,吉他保養得很好。

nick noun (PRISON)

the nick [ S ] UK slang


He's been in the nick half his life. 他已經在牢裡蹲了半輩子。

nick noun (CONDITION)

[ U ] UK slang a stated condition, especially of health

He's in pretty good nick for a man of his age. 對他這個年紀的人來說,他的健康狀況相當不錯。
The car really is in excellent nick. 這輛車性能相當不錯。

nickverb [ T ]

uk /nɪk/ us /nɪk/

nick verb [ T ] (STEAL)

UK informal to steal something

I've had my bike nicked again. 我的腳踏車又被偷了。
All right, who's nicked my ruler? 好吧,是誰順手牽羊拿走了我的尺子?

nick verb [ T ] (CATCH)

UK slang If the police nick someone, they catch them for committing a crime.

They nicked him for driving at 70 in a 50 speed limit area. 他因在限速50英里的區域內開到時速70英里而被他們逮捕。

nick verb [ T ] (CHARGE)

US informal to cheat someone or to charge someone too much money

$50 for a meal like that - we were nicked! 花50美元吃這樣一頓飯?我們被騙了!
If your bank account balance falls below the minimum, you'll be nicked for a $5 service charge. 如果你的銀行存款餘額低於這個底限,你就會被收取5美元的服務費。

nick verb [ T ] (CUT)

to make a small cut in a surface or an edge

Paintwork on the corner of a stairway tends to get nicked and scratched. 樓梯轉角處的油漆往往容易被刮擦剝落。

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