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uk /naɪt/ us /naɪt/

night noun (DARK PERIOD)

A1 [ C or U ] the part of every 24-hour period when it is dark because there is very little light from the sun

It gets cold at night. 夜間天氣轉涼。
I slept really badly last night. 我昨晚睡得很不好。
I spent the night at Ted's. 我在特德家裡過夜。
He took the night ferry/train. 他搭乘了夜班渡輪/火車。

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night noun (EVENING)

A1 [ C or U ] the period of time between the late afternoon and going to bed; the evening

Let's go out on Saturday night. 我們週六晚去跳舞好嗎?
We've eaten out every night this week. 我們這個星期每天晚上都出去。
She's a singer in a bar by night and a secretary by day. 她晚上在酒吧唱歌,白天則從事秘書工作。

[ S ] the evening on which a special event happens

When's the last night of your show? 你甚麼時候演最後一場?
The first/opening night of her new movie was a great success. 她的新電影首映相當成功。
night-night child's expression

used as another way of saying good night, usually by or to children

the other night

on one evening recently

I saw Naomi at the gym the other night. 我前幾天晚上在俱樂部見到了娜奧美。
a night out

an evening spent at a restaurant, theatre, etc. rather than staying at home

I need a night out with the girls this weekend.
UK Let's have a night out on Saturday. 我們星期六晚一起出去玩吧——我們可以去跳舞。

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