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uk /ˈnəʊ.bə.di/ /ˈnəʊ.bɒd.i/ us /ˈnoʊ.bɑː.di/ also no one

A2 not anyone

Is there nobody here who can answer my question? 這兒沒有人能夠回答我的問題嗎?
I saw nobody all morning. 我整個早上一個人影也沒見到。
Nobody agreed with me. 沒人同意我的看法。

More examples

  • There was nobody behind the counter when I went into the bank, and I had to wait to be served.
  • The whole conference was totally disorganized - nobody knew what they were supposed to be doing.
  • I phoned last night but nobody answered.
  • When the two hours were up nobody had answered all of the questions.
  • There was nobody left who would do it.

nobodynoun [ C ]

uk /ˈnəʊ.bə.di/ /ˈnəʊ.bɒd.i/ us /ˈnoʊ.bɑː.di/

someone who is not important

He's just some nobody trying to get noticed by the press. 他只不過是個想引起媒體注意的無名之輩。

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