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northnoun [ U ]

also North uk /nɔːθ/ us /nɔːrθ/ written abbreviation N, UK also Nth, US also No.

A2 the direction that goes towards the part of the earth above the equator, opposite to the south, or the part of an area or country that is in this direction

The points of the compass are north, south, east, and west. 羅盤上的方位點分別為北、南、東和西。
The landscape is more mountainous in the north (of the country). (該國)北部鄉村多山。
Cambridge is/lies to the north of London. 劍橋位於倫敦以北。
a north-facing window 朝北的窗戶
the North

the rich industrial countries of the world, most of which are above the equator


the northern states of the middle and eastern part of the US

The North defeated the South in the American Civil War. 美國內戰中北方各州戰勝了南方各州。

More examples

  • Most of the country's population is concentrated in the north.
  • The wind is coming from the north.
  • The revolt in the north is believed to have been instigated by a high-ranking general.
  • The needle on a compass always points to magnetic north.
  • House prices in the north are rocketing (up).



also North uk /nɔːθ/ us /nɔːrθ/ written abbreviation N, UK also Nth, US also No

A2 in or forming the north part of something

North America/Africa 北美/北非
the north coast of Iceland 冰島北部海岸
Our farm is a few miles north of the village. 我們的農場位於村莊以北幾英里處。
north wind

a wind coming from the north


More examples

  • The north face of the Eiger is a very difficult climb.
  • A cinema was burned out in north London last night. Police suspect arson.
  • They live on the north coast of Scotland.
  • We camped on the north slope of the valley.
  • There is a huge forest on the north side of the mountain.


also North uk /nɔːθ/ us /nɔːrθ/ written abbreviation N, UK also Nth, US also No

A2 towards the north

Go due (= directly) north for two miles. 往北直走兩英里。
The garden faces north and doesn't get much sun in the winter. 花園朝北,冬天沒有多少陽光。
up north informal

to or in the north of the country or region

I live in London, but my relatives live up north, in Manchester. 我住在劍橋,而我的親戚們住在北部的曼徹斯特。

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