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nosenoun [ C ]

uk /nəʊz/ us /noʊz/

nose noun [ C ] (BODY PART)

A1 the part of the face that sticks out above the mouth, through which you breathe and smell

a large/long/pointed nose 大/長/尖鼻子
I had a sore throat and a runny nose (= liquid coming out of the nose). 我喉嚨痛,還流鼻涕。
Come on now, stop crying and blow your nose . 好了,別哭了——用我的手帕擤擤鼻涕。
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specialized food & drink the particular smell of a wine

a wine praised for its smoky nose 因其煙熏味而備受稱道的葡萄酒

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nose noun [ C ] (VEHICLE)

the front of a vehicle, especially an aircraft

The symbol was painted on each side of the plane's nose. 飛機機頭兩側都繪有這標誌。


uk /nəʊz/ us /noʊz/

nose verb (SEARCH)

[ I usually + adv/prep ] informal to look around or search in order to discover something, especially something that other people do not want you to find

There were some reporters nosing about/around. 有些記者在四處打探新聞。
The police came in and started nosing into drawers and looking through papers. 警方到來後開始搜查抽屜,翻檢文件。

nose verb (VEHICLE)

[ I or T, + adv/prep ] to (make a vehicle) move forwards slowly and carefully

The car nosed out of the side street, its driver peering anxiously around. 司機一邊緊張地四下張望,一邊小心翼翼地把車駛出小路。
He carefully nosed his lorry into the small space. 他小心翼翼地把大卡車開進這個狹窄的空間。-

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