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uk /ˈnʌθ.ɪŋ/ us /ˈnʌθ.ɪŋ/

A2 not anything

There's nothing in the drawer - I took everything out. 抽屜裡甚麼也沒有——我把所有東西都拿出去了。
Nothing I could say would cheer her up. 無論我說甚麼,也沒辦法令她振作起來。
I have nothing new to tell you. 我沒有甚麼新消息要告訴你。
There's nothing else (= no other thing) we can do to help. 我們幫不上甚麼別的忙。
There's nothing much (= not very much) to do in our town. 在我們村裡沒有太多事情可做。
The story was nothing but (= only) lies. 這種說法純屬謊言。
US The score is Yankees three, Red Sox nothing (= no points). 揚基隊得3分,紅襪隊為0分。
be/have nothing to do with sb

B2 to be a matter or subject that someone has no good reason to know about or be involved with

I wish he wouldn't offer advice on my marriage - it's nothing to do with him. 我希望他別對我的婚姻說三道四——這不關他的事。
be/have nothing to do with sb/sth

B2 to have no connection or influence with someone or something

We are nothing to do with the firm that has the offices next door. 我們與辦公室在隔壁的公司毫無關係。
In the evening he likes to read books and articles that have nothing to do with his work. 晚上,他喜歡讀些與工作無關的書和文章。
be/mean nothing

to have no importance or value

Money means nothing to him. 錢對他來說毫無價值。
for nothing

free or without paying

I got this painting for nothing from a friend. 我是從一位朋友那裡得到這幅畫,分文未花。

B2 with no good result or for no purpose

He queued for two hours and (all) for nothing - there were no seats left. 他白白排了兩個小時的隊——座位已滿。
Let us make sure that these brave men and women did not die for nothing. 我們絕不會讓這些勇士們白白犧牲。
nothing on

no clothes on your body

She sleeps with nothing on. 她裸睡。
I couldn't come to the door - I had nothing on! 我不能去開門——我甚麼都沒穿!

no arrangements for a stated period

I checked my calendar and I have nothing on on Tuesday afternoon. 我剛看了她的日程簿,她星期二下午沒有安排。
There's nothing on next Friday - we could have the meeting then. 下週五沒甚麼安排——我們可以在那個時候開會。

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uk /ˈnʌθ.ɪŋ/ us /ˈnʌθ.ɪŋ/

in no way

mainly UK He had two letters of refusal but, nothing daunted (= not discouraged), he tried again. 他收到兩封拒絕信後並沒有氣餒,而是再接再厲。

nothingnoun [ C ]

uk /ˈnʌθ.ɪŋ/ us /ˈnʌθ.ɪŋ/ informal

someone of no value or importance

He's a nothing, a low-down, useless nobody. 他是個微不足道的小人物,身份低微,一無是處。

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