Translation of "number" - English-Traditional Chinese dictionary


noun [ C ] (SYMBOL) 符號 uk us /ˈnʌm.bər/ US  /-bɚ/

(a sign or symbol representing) a unit which forms part of the system of counting and calculating

25, 300 and a billion are all numbers. 25 300和10億都是數字。
She's very good with numbers (= good at adding, subtracting, ). 她非常擅長數字運算。

(written abbreviation no.) one of a series of the symbols used in counting, which is used to mark a particular example of something

They live at number 34 Orchard Street. 他們住在果園街34號。
Please write your credit card number on this form. 請把你的信用卡號寫在這張表格上。
What's our flight number? 我們的航班號碼是多少?

(written abbreviation no.) a telephone number

I gave him my number. 我把自己的電話號碼給了他。

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