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weak /əv/ uk strong /ɒv/ weak /əv/ us strong /ɑːv/

of preposition (POSSESSION)

A1 used to show possession, belonging, or origin

a friend of mine 我的一位朋友
the president of the United States 美國總統
employees of the company 公司雇員
the colour of his hair 他頭髮的顏色
a habit of mine 我的一個習慣
that revolting dog of hers 她那條可惡的狗
the love of a good woman 一個善良女人的愛
the complete plays of (= written by) Lorca 費德裡科‧加西亞‧洛爾卡戲劇全集

More examples

  • Those seats are reserved for senior members of the club.
  • He was elected Member of Parliament for Rushcliffe.
  • What's the name of that plant?
  • Sean doesn't like the smell of garlic.
  • Troops shot dead the leader of the rebels in an attack last night.

of preposition (AMOUNT)

A1 used after words or phrases expressing amount, number, or a particular unit

a kilo of apples 1公斤蘋果
loads of food 許多食物
hundreds of people 數百人
most of them 他們中的大多數
none of them 他們中沒有人
both of us 我們倆
a third of all people 所有人中的1/3
a speck of dust 一粒灰塵
a drop of rain 一滴雨

More examples

  • Do all of us agree on the matter?
  • He broke the world record by a tenth of a second.
  • Some of the players are not performing as well as they could.
  • I bought her a bunch of flowers for her birthday.
  • She failed the exam because she got two of the questions wrong.

of preposition (CONTAINING)

A1 containing

a bag of sweets 一袋糖果
a bottle of beer 一瓶啤酒
a book of short stories 一本短篇小說集
a class of idiots 一群白癡

More examples

  • I'll have a cup of coffee please.
  • He gave two bags of old clothes to the charity shop.
  • She smokes two packets of cigarettes a day.
  • He dropped a jar of peanut butter onto the floor.
  • The family looked through an album of old photographs.

of preposition (POSITION)

A2 used in expressions showing position

the top of his head 他的頭頂
the back of your dress 你衣服的背部
on the corner of the street 在街角
the front of the queue 隊伍的前部
I've never been north of Philadelphia. 我從未去過愛丁堡以北的地方。

More examples

  • He hit the ball over the top of the trees.
  • They have recently painted the front of the house yellow.
  • He built a shed at the bottom of the garden.
  • The accident left him with a scar on the side of his face.
  • Use the index in the back of the book.

of preposition (TYPICAL)

typical or characteristic of

She has the face of an angel. 她有一張天使般的面孔。
That guy's got the personality of a dead fish! 那個男人長了個笨驢腦袋!

More examples

  • He's got the mental age of a three-year-old.
  • That was a stroke of genius.
  • She has all the attributes of a great player.
  • He has the patience of a saint.
  • She plays the piano with the skill of a professional.

of preposition (DAYS)

A1 used to refer to a particular date in a month

the eleventh of March 3月11日
the first of the month 這個月的1號

More examples

  • My birthday's on the fifth of July.
  • Today is the first of April.
  • Employees get paid on the last day of each month.
  • The book is published on the tenth of September.

of preposition (MADE OF)

made or consisting of; having

dresses of lace and silk 蕾絲和絲綢製成的衣裙
plates of gold and silver 金銀製成的盤子
a land of ice and snow 冰天雪地
a woman of great charm 極富魅力的女子
a subject of very little interest 了無趣味的話題

More examples

  • The barman made a cocktail of vodka and fruit juices.
  • He wore a coat of many colours.
  • The car was a wreck of twisted metal after the collision.
  • A feeling of great sadness came over him.
  • The captain inspired a sense of pride in his team.

of preposition (WITH ADJECTIVES/VERBS)

used to connect particular adjectives and verbs with nouns

fond of swimming 喜愛游泳
sick of his excuses 厭煩了他的藉口
scared of spiders 害怕蜘蛛

More examples

  • I'm bored of this game.
  • Paul is scared of heights.
  • He's very sure of himself.
  • He was wary of dogs since he was bitten as a child.
  • I'm tired of your complaining.

of preposition (JUDGMENT)

B2 used after an adjective when judging someone's behaviour

It was mean of you to mention her weight. 你提到她的體重真是有點太刻薄了。
Thank you so much for my present. How thoughtful of you. 謝謝你給我的禮物。你想得真周到。

More examples

  • It was careless of him to leave the door open.
  • It was sweet of her to tidy up afterwards.
  • It was reckless of her not to take precautions.
  • It was very heroic of him to dive into the cold water.
  • They agreed that it was naughty of him not to have asked permission.

of preposition (RELATING TO)

C1 about; relating to

Speaking of Elizabeth, here she is. 說伊麗莎白,伊麗莎白就到。
One of the advantages of travelling by train is being able to read. 乘火車旅行的好處之一就是能看書。
Let us consider the events of the last five months. 讓我們考慮一下過去5個月中發生的事情。
Of her childhood we know very little. 我們對她的童年知之甚少。
formal And what of (= tell me about) young Adrian? How is he? 小阿德裡安的情況如何?他好嗎?

More examples

  • Good luck in the exam. I'll be thinking of you.
  • He bought a map of the area so that he wouldn't get lost.
  • Going to the gym is not my idea of fun.
  • I think you've got the wrong impression of Tony.
  • Andrew didn't think much of the film, but I liked it.

of preposition (THAT IS/ARE)

that is/are

the problem of homelessness 無家可歸的問題
a rise of two percent in inflation 通貨膨脹率上升2%
the skill of negotiating 談判的技巧
the difficulty of bringing up twins 撫養雙胞胎的艱難
the pain of separation 分離的痛苦
At the age of six she could read a newspaper. 6歲時她已能讀報。

More examples

  • It was one of the advantages of being tall.
  • The students didn't understand the aim of the exercise.
  • He was taught the importance of wearing a helmet when cycling.
  • What is the meaning of that symbol?
  • He discovered the pleasure of gardening after he retired.

of preposition (DONE TO)

done to

the massacre of hundreds of innocent people 對數以百計無辜百姓的屠殺
the oppression of a nation 對一個民族的壓迫
the destruction of the rain forest 對雨林的破壞

More examples

  • A crowd had gathered the watch the demolition of the building.
  • The agreement marked the creation of a new state.
  • The newspapers reported the sacking of the manager.
  • The photos show the abuse of prisoners.
  • We watched the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace.

of preposition (FELT BY)

felt or experienced by

the suffering of millions 數百萬人的苦難
the anguish of the murdered child's parents 被殺孩子的父母的痛苦

More examples

  • To the delight of the supporters, the team equalized in the last minute.
  • The joy of the new parents was obvious to everyone.
  • The company's results confirmed the confidence of the board.
  • The singer fell off stage, much to the amusement of the crowd.
  • The teacher had earned the respect of the class.

of preposition (THROUGH)

B1 through; having as the cause

He died of cancer. 他死於癌症。
I didn't have to go there - I did it of my own free will. 我本不必去那裡——我這麼做完全出於自願。
I want to know how it happened because it certainly didn't happen of itself. 我想知道它是怎麼發生的,因為它肯定不是自己就發生了。

More examples

  • He later died of his wounds.
  • She went of her own accord. No one asked her to go.
  • I'm tired of teaching. I'm going to look for a new job.
  • You did that out of spite.
  • He acted out of respect for his parents.

of preposition (COMPARING)

A2 used when comparing related things

I liked the green one best of all . 我最喜歡綠色的那個。
Worst of all was the food! 最差勁的是食物!
He's the best looking of the three brothers. 他是三兄弟中長得最帥的一個。
I think that of all his books it's my favourite. 我覺得在他所有的電影中我最喜歡這一部。

More examples

  • Of all the places we visited, New Zealand was the most amazing.
  • Crete is the largest of the Greek islands.
  • The Eiffel Tower is the most famous of all Paris's landmarks.
  • In my opinion, it's the best of all the novels he's written.
  • The blue whale is the largest of all the animals.

of preposition (TIME)

US used in saying what the time is

It's ten (minutes) of five (= ten minutes before five o'clock). 差10分5點。

More examples

  • It's twenty five of four.
  • We got there at five of nine.

of preposition (SEPARATE FROM)

used in expressions showing distance from something in place or time

We live within a mile of the school. 我們住在距市中心不到1英里的地方。
She came within two seconds of beating the world record. 她離打破世界紀錄差了不到兩秒。

More examples

  • The firm is within a week of going bankrupt.
  • Does she live within walking distance of her parents?
  • The game was much enlivened when both teams scored within five minutes of each other.
  • The city was within range of the enemy missiles.
  • I came within an inch of losing my life on the rocks below.

of preposition (LOSS)

used in expressions showing loss

They were robbed of all their savings. 他們的全部積蓄都被搶走了。
I feel I've been deprived of your company. 我感覺我和你在一起的機會全被剝奪了。

More examples

  • They robbed the company of £2 million.
  • A last-minute injury robbed me of my place on the team.
  • She was desolated at the loss of her sister.
  • In hospital, she felt stripped of all her dignity.
  • He was stripped of his knighthood after he was convicted of stealing from the company.

of preposition (DURING)

old-fashioned during

I like to relax with a pipe of an evening. 我喜歡在晚上抽一鬥煙放鬆放鬆。

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