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uk /ˈɒf.ɪs/ us /ˈɑː.fɪs/

office noun (WORK PLACE)

A2 [ C ] a room or part of a building in which people work, especially sitting at tables with computers, phones, etc., usually as a part of a business or other organization

the director's office 經理辦公室
I didn't leave the office until eight o'clock last night. 昨晚我直到8點鐘才離開辦公室。
office equipment 辦公設備
office workers 辦公室工作人員

[ C ] a part of a company

They have offices in Paris, London, and Madrid. 他們在巴黎、倫敦和馬德裡都設有辦事處。

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office noun (RESPONSIBILITY)

C1 [ C or U ] a position of authority and responsibility in a government or other organization

the office of vice president 副總統職位
As chairman of the association, he held office for over 20 years. 他擔任該協會的主席一職長達20多年。
The Socialist party has been in office (= governing)/out of office (= not governing) for almost ten years. 社會黨執政/在野已近10年了。
She's held various offices during her time in government. 她擔任部長期間身負多項職責。
The new President takes office on January 20th.

Officenoun [ C ]

uk /ˈɒf.ɪs/ us /ˈɑː.fɪs/

a department of the national government in Britain, or an official government organization

the Home Office 內政部
the Foreign Office 外交部
the Office of Fair Trading 公平貿易局

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