Translation of "old" - English-Traditional Chinese dictionary


adjective (EXISTED MANY YEARS) 存在多年的 uk us /əʊld/ US  /oʊld/

having lived or existed for many years

an old man 老人
We're all getting older. 我們都老了。
I was shocked by how old he looked. 他看上去那麼老,令我很震驚。
Now come on, you're old enough to tie your own shoelaces, Carlo. 好,來吧,卡洛爾,你那麼大了,該自己繫鞋帶了。
I'm too old to be out clubbing every night. 我年紀不小了,不能每晚都在夜總會裡胡混。
a beautiful old farm house in the country 鄉下一間漂亮的古老農舍
a battered old car 殘破的舊汽車
That's an old joke - I've heard it about a thousand times. 那是個老掉牙的笑話——我聽過不知多少次了。
I think this cheese is a bit old judging by the smell of it. 從氣味上判斷,我覺得這塊起司放有點久了。
too old/a bit old disapproving

unsuitable because intended for older people

Don't you think that book is a bit old for you? 你不覺得這本書對你來說太舊了點嗎?

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