Translation of "origin" - English-Traditional Chinese dictionary


noun uk us /ˈɒr.ɪ.dʒɪn/ US  /ˈɔːr.ə-/

[ C ] (also origins) the beginning or cause of something

It's a book about the origin of the universe. 這是一本關於宇宙起源的書。
Her unhappy childhood was the origin of her problems later in life. 她不幸的童年導致她後來生活中的諸多問題。
What's the origin of this saying? (= Where did it come from?) 這格言出自甚麼地方?
origins [ plural ]

used to describe the particular way in which something started to exist or someone started their life

The story has obscure origins (= No one knows how it started). 這個故事的起源已不可考。
The president's family was of humble origins (= They were poor people without a good position in society). 總統家庭出身卑微。

[ U ] where a person was born

He is of North African origin. 他是北非裔人。
What is your country of origin? 你出生在哪個國家?

[ U ] where an object was made

The furniture was French in origin. 這傢俱產於法國。

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