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oustverb [ T ]

uk /aʊst/ us /aʊst/

to force someone to leave a position of power, job, place, or competition

The president was ousted (from power) in a military coup in January 1987. 總統在1987年1月的一次軍事政變中被趕下臺。
Police are trying to oust drug dealers from the city . 警方正試圖將毒品販子們從市中心攆走。
Last year's NCAA winners have been ousted from the tournament. 冠軍們被阿森納隊打敗,並被淘汰出聯賽杯。

More examples

  • They offered voters a massive inducement to oust the president by announcing that sanctions would be lifted if there was 'democratic change'.
  • He was ousted from the club for violating its rules.
  • Traditional farming patterns have been ousted by modern methods.
  • It proved impossible to oust him from power.
  • The rebels are intent on ousting the dictator.

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