Translation of "overpay" - English-Traditional Chinese dictionary


verb [ T often passive ] uk /ˌəʊ.vəˈpeɪ/ us /ˌoʊ.vɚˈpeɪ/ overpaid, overpaid

to pay someone too much

I felt I should tell my boss she'd overpaid me by $50. 我覺得我應該告訴老闆,她多付我50英鎊。
disapproving Bankers are grossly overpaid for what they do. 城市律師報酬過高。

to pay more than originally agreed when paying back a loan, in order to reduce the cost of the loan:

If you budget to overpay your mortgage on a regular basis, you can save a lot of money.
overpayment noun [ C or U ] /ˌəʊ.vəˈpeɪ.mənt/ /ˌoʊ.vɚˈpeɪ.mənt/

She did not notice that she had received a salary overpayment.

(Translation of “overpay” from the Cambridge English-Chinese (Traditional) Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

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