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padnoun [ C ]

uk /pæd/ us /pæd/

pad noun [ C ] (MATERIAL)

a piece of soft, thick cloth or rubber, used to protect a part of the body, give shape to something, or clean something

a knee/shoulder pad 護膝/墊肩
Soccer players often wear shin pads to protect their legs. 足球運動員經常穿護膝以保護雙腿。
In the 1980s, shoulder pads were very fashionable in women's clothes. 20世紀80年代,女性服裝非常流行使用墊肩。
She wiped her eye make-up off with a cotton wool pad. 她用卸妝棉擦去了眼影。

pad noun [ C ] (PAPER)

a number of pieces of paper that have been fastened together along one side, used for writing or drawing on

I have a pad and pencil for taking notes. 我拿了一本便條簿和一支鉛筆來寫筆記。
I always keep a pad of paper by the phone. 我總是在電話旁放一本便條簿。
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pad noun [ C ] (FLAT SURFACE)

a hard flat area of ground where helicopters can take off and land, or from which rockets are sent

The hotel has its own helicopter pad. 這家飯店有自己的直升機停機坪。
Missiles have been launched from their pads deep in enemy territory. 飛彈已從敵方陣地深處的發射台發射。

one of the large, flat leaves of a water lily

a lily pad 睡蓮浮葉

pad noun [ C ] (FOOT)

the soft part under the paw (= foot) of a cat, dog, etc.


pad noun [ C ] (HOUSE)

old-fashioned or humorous informal a person's house or apartment

a bachelor pad 單身公寓

padverb [ T ]

uk /pæd/ us /pæd/ -dd-

to put pieces of soft material in something to make it soft, give it a different shape, or protect what is inside

These boots are padded with shock-resistant foam. 這些步行靴加了防震泡沫乳膠墊。

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