Translation of "pass" - English-Traditional Chinese dictionary


verb (GIVE) uk us /pɑːs/ US  /pæs/

[ T ] to give something to someone

Could you pass the salt please? 你能把鹽遞給我嗎?
I asked if I could see the letter, so she passed it to me reluctantly. 我問能不能看看那封信,她就很不情願地把信遞給我。
[ + two objects ] Gerald passed me the note./Gerald passed the note to me. 傑拉爾德把便條遞給我。
Genes are the instructions by which parents' characteristics are passed on to their children. 基因是一系列的遺傳指令,父母的特徵透過它們遺傳給子女。

[ I or T ] In several sports, if you pass the ball, you kick, throw or hit it to someone in your team.


[ T ] If you pass money, you give someone false or stolen money without telling them

[ + two objects ] I haven't trusted him since he passed me a forged £5 note. 自從他給了我一張五英鎊的假鈔後,我就不信任他了。
She was arrested for passing stolen cheques. 她因使用偷來的支票而被捕。

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