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uk /pɔːn/ us /pɑːn/

pawn noun (GAME PIECE)

[ C ] any one of the eight least valuable pieces in the game of chess


[ C ] a person who does not have any real power but is used by others to achieve something

The refugees are pawns in an international political dispute. 這些難民成了一場國際政治爭端的棋子。

pawn noun (MONEY)

in pawn

left with a pawnbroker

She had to put her ring in pawn to pay the bills. 為了支付帳單,她不得不當掉戒指。

pawnverb [ T ]

uk /pɔːn/ us /pɑːn/

to leave a possession with a pawnbroker, who gives you money for it and can sell it if the money is not paid back within a certain time

Of all items pawned, jewellery is the most common. 在所有的抵押品中最常見的是珠寶。

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