Translation of "pay" - English-Traditional Chinese dictionary


verb (BUY) 購買 uk us /peɪ/ (paid)

[ I or T ] to give money to someone for something you want to buy or for services provided

How much did you pay for the tickets? 你買那些票花了多少錢?
I pay my taxes. 我繳付稅款。
Will you pay these cheques into (US usually deposit these checks in) my account for me? 替我把這些支票存進帳戶裡好嗎?
[ + two objects ] I'll pay you the fiver back tomorrow. 我明天還你那五英鎊。
I paid the driver (in/with) cash. 我給司機付現金。
Would you prefer to pay with/by cash, cheque or credit card? 你喜歡用現金、支票還是信用卡付款?
[ + obj + to infinitive ] I think we'll need to pay a builder to take this wall down. 我想我們要僱個建築工人來拆掉這面牆。
Did Linda pay you for looking after her cats while she was away? 琳達出門時請你替她照顧她的貓,有沒有付錢給你?
I paid (out) a lot of money to get the washing machine fixed and it still doesn't work! 我花了一大筆錢修洗衣機,結果還是不能用!
pay for itself

If something pays for itself, it works so well that it saves the same amount of money that it cost

The advertising should pay for itself. 這則廣告所帶來的收益應該能回本。

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