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pennynoun [ C ]

uk /ˈpen.i/ us /ˈpen.i/ plural pence p pennies

B1 plural p, pence or pennies abbreviation p the smallest unit of money in the UK, of which there are 100 in a pound, or a small coin worth this much. You use "pence" or, more informally, "p" when you are talking about the units of money and pennies when you are talking about the coins themselves.

便士(表示幣值時用 pence 或在非正式場合也可用 p,而表示硬幣本身時用 pennies)
Could you lend me 50 pence/50p please? 你能借50便士給我嗎?
I found a ten/twenty/fifty pence piece (= a coin of this value) on the floor. 我在電話亭裡撿到了一枚面值10/20/50便士的硬幣。
I keep pennies and other small coins in a jar. 我把便士和其他小硬幣放在一個罐子裡。

plural pennies in the US and Canada, a cent or a coin of this value


plural pence or pennies also old penny, abbreviation d in the UK before 1971, a large coin. There were twelve pennies in a shilling.


plural pence or pennies used when talking about the smallest amount of money possible

Buy a TV now and it won't cost you a penny (= will cost nothing) for three months. 現在買一台電視,三個月不用花一分錢。
It was an expensive meal but worth every penny. 這頓飯很貴,但每分錢都很值得。

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uk / -pen.i/ us / -pen.i/ UK

used in the past with numbers to show how many pence something cost

a fourpenny ice-cream 一份四便士的霜淇淋

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