Translation of "people" - English-Traditional Chinese dictionary


plural noun uk us /ˈpiː.pl̩/

men, women and children

Many people never take any exercise. 許多人從來不做任何運動。
We've invited thirty people to our party. 我們邀請了30個人來參加聚會。

used to refer to persons in general or everyone, or informally to the group of people that you are speaking to

People will think you've gone mad. 人們會以為你瘋了。
People like to be made to feel important. 人們都喜歡受到別人看重。
Now that we've discussed our problems, are people happy with the decisions taken? 我們既然已經討論了問題,大家對所作的決定都滿意嗎?

men and women who are involved in a particular type of work

We'll have to get the people from the tax office to look at these accounts. 我們必須請稅務局的人來查看一下這些帳目。
Most of her friends are media people. 她大部分的朋友都是媒體界人士。
the people

the large number of ordinary men and women who do not have positions of power in society

She claims to be the voice of the people. 她自稱是老百姓的代言人。
The President has lost the support of the people. 總統失去了人民的支持。
the people's Princess 平民王妃
sb's people informal

the people someone is related to

Her people come from Scotland originally. 她家人原籍蘇格蘭。

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