Translation of "phone" - English-Traditional Chinese dictionary


noun uk us /fəʊn/ US  /foʊn/

[ C or U ] (formal telephone) a device which uses either a system of wires, along which electrical signals are sent, or a system of radio signals to make it possible for you to speak to someone in another place who has a similar device

Just then, his mobile phone rang. 就在那時,他的手機響了。
Could you answer the phone? 你能接電話嗎?
We speak on the/by phone about twice a week. 我們一周大約通兩次電話。
You had three phone calls this morning. 今天早上有三個電話找你。
If the phone lines are busy, please try again later. 如果電話佔線,請過一會兒再打。

[ C ] the part of a telephone that you hold to your mouth and ear and that you speak into

Could you pick the phone up for me - my hands are wet. 你能幫我把電話聽筒拿起來嗎——我的手濕了。
I left the phone off the hook, so it wouldn't ring. 我的電話聽筒沒掛上,所以沒響。
I was so angry I just put/slammed the phone down (on her) (= replaced it before our conversation was finished). 我很生氣,就把(她的)電話掛斷了。
be on the phone

to be using the telephone

That son of mine is on the phone all day! 我那個兒子一整天都在打電話!

UK to have a telephone in the home

Are the Middletons on the phone, do you know? 米德爾頓家有沒有裝電話,你知道嗎?

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