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piecenoun [ C ]

uk /piːs/ us /piːs/

piece noun [ C ] (PART)

A2 a part of something

a piece of cloth torn from her coat 從她大衣上撕下的一塊布
He cut the cake into six pieces. 他把蛋糕切成六塊。
This jigsaw puzzle has two pieces missing. 這個拼圖玩具少了兩塊。
The vase lay on the floor in pieces (= broken into small parts). 花瓶碎片散落一地。
She tried to break/tear a small piece off the edge. 她試圖從邊緣撕下一小塊。
The building was taken apart and reassembled piece by piece (= one part after another). 房子被拆解,在美國又一塊塊地重新拼搭起來。
in one piece

as a single thing and not divided into smaller pieces

We want to sell the business in one piece. 我們想把公司整個賣掉。
come/fall to pieces

to break apart into smaller parts

The glass must have been cracked - it just fell to pieces in my hand. 玻璃杯肯定有裂縫——杯子一到我手上就碎了。
His clothes were dirty and falling to pieces. 他的衣服又髒又破。

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piece noun [ C ] (THING)

A2 a single object of a particular type

a piece of furniture/clothing/equipment 一件傢俱/一件衣服/一個設備
a piece of paper (= a whole sheet) 一張紙
a piece of china (= an object made of china) 一件瓷器
a piece of information/advice 一個消息/建議

B2 something that has been created by an artist, musician, or writer

an orchestral/piano/instrumental piece 管弦樂/鋼琴曲/器樂作品
a skilful piece of work/research 一件精巧的作品/一項富有技巧的研究
Did you read that piece (= article) in the newspaper? 你看過報紙上的那篇文章了嗎?

a single thing that forms part of a set

a chess piece 一枚棋子

a coin with a stated value

Could you swap me two quarters for a 50 cent piece? 你能幫我把一枚20便士的硬幣換成兩枚10便士的嗎?

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piece noun [ C ] (GUN)

old-fashioned a gun

an artillery piece 一門炮
US slang He was carrying a piece when he was arrested. 他被捕時身上有一把槍。


uk / -piːs/ us / -piːs/

with the number of pieces mentioned

a five-piece band (= with five players) 五人樂隊

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